Fingerprints’ touchless biometric solution ActiveIRIS® and touch sensor FPC1028 power BitVault® smartphone

BitVault®, the world’s first blockchain phone, launched recently in London, powered by Fingerprints’ ActiveIRIS® and FPC1028 touch fingerprint sensor.

The BitVault® is a secure communication device providing a range of blockchain services such as messaging, banking, calling, document transfer, media vault as well as a secure blockchain developer platform.

With FPC1028’s maximum biometric performance combined with industry-leading iris technology ActiveIRIS®, and NFC technology, the BitVault® becomes the most secure device on the market for Bitcoin transactions.

Yet again Fingerprints is proven its leadership in biometric multi-modality market.

The fingerprint sensor supports FPC 360Touch®, FPC OneTouch®, FPC TouchNroll®, and FPC EvoTouch®


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