Fingerprints’ collaborates with Ensurity on a new range of USB devices for the enterprise market

Fingerprints and Ensurity announce a strategic collaboration in the area of secure storing and computing. Ensurity will bring a new range of secure USB devices, named  ThinC, to the Indian and global market end of June. The USB range is FIDO-compliant and packed with a series of advanced features such as encrypted storage, multi-user access and biometric touch sensors by Fingerprints. The devices are targeting the enterprise market, using fingerprint recognition instead of a password to authenticate the user, to access VPN, safe portable storage, and single sign on.

The collaboration also includes work on providing secure identity management solutions on the cloud using Ensurity’s technology.

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About Fingerprints

Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) – the world’s leading biometrics company, with its roots in Sweden.
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About Ensurity

Ensurity Group offers cutting edge, pioneering cybersecurity solutions in the areas of secure computing and storage, identity management, applied cryptography, and blockchain. The company counts marquee institutions and enterprises among its clients. Ensurity’s innovative security solutions are seeing global acceptance due to growing privacy and security concerns. The company recently secured a global patent for a novel, post-quantum secure cryptography.