By utilizing the unique properties of biometrics, Fingerprints’ solutions create an easier and more secure life. The value contribution is based on a sensitivity to the need of the market, employees with expertise, financial capital and good relations

Leader in biometric technology and solutions


A secure and seamless universe, where you are the key to everything.

To provide safe and convenient identification and authentication with
a human touch.

Fingerprints develops and sells biometric solutions to companies globally which develop products and services interfacing with people.

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The company’s long-term financial targets encompass three focus areas: growth, profitability and capital structure. The market for biometric solutions is growing rapidly and the factors of uncertainty are considerable. The company has therefore decided to formulate the objectives as ambitions over three-year rolling periods. The financial targets pertain to the years 2017 to 2019

Growth targets 2017–2019, +20% in average annual growth in revenues

Profitability targets 2017–2019, >30% in operating margin in average for the period

Capital structure: Fingerprints wants to have a strong balance sheet, with capital for financing acquisitions and other major investments. Surplus capital is to be returned the shareholders through the buyback of own shares and/ or dividends.


Fingerprints aims to grow organically and through complementary acquisitions. Growth will be generated in a number of dimensions in order to broaden the business. This is done by adding solutions based on additional technology platforms for several market segments.


With existing system solutions for existing customer segments. Fingerprints sees potential to expand its volume and customer base as fingerprint technology continues to penetrate the market.

New customer segments using customized exsisting system solutions. Fingerprints predicts great potential to capitalize on the company’s economies of scale by selling its fingerprint sensors in other customer segments. The market for smart cards and the PC market are next
in line. Fingerprints also sees potential in:
– Internet of Things, i.e. online devices, the automotive industry, the access and time reporting industry, as well as the healthcare sector.

New solutions, technologies and features for existing customers. Increasing development with the potential to create new features in the customers’ offerings through continued technology development.

New solutions for new customer segments. Solutions based on a number of different biometric methods adapted for secure connection via cloud services. The company continuously evaluates complementary acquisitions that would add value to its product development and/or market presence.


Feasible acquisitions are companies that possess comple- mentary technologies and companies characterized by a high degree of innovation; i.e. expertise that complements our
own core competencies. The assessment also includes an evaluation of compatibility with the corporate culture.


A prerequisite for a structured operation that generates growth and achieves targets to focus on all links in the value chain and the resources required, not least human resources.

High value-adding biometric systems
Fingerprints aims to be a high-value-adding supplier of bio- metric systems in the form of hardware and software. Systems are to be broadened with additional biometric methods on top of capacitive fingerprint sensors.
Fingerprints’ offering is vertically integrated, meaning it represents a complete integration of hardware and software, sensors with market-leading system performance and algorithms, and software for system integration and greater advantages for end-users. This results in increased value for end users in terms of both security and convenience.
Read more about Fingerprints’ solutions on pages 24–29.

Development of more technologies
Fingerprints aims for solutions that increase security and improve the end-user’s experience. The company is focusing on development of current capacitive fingerprint sensor tech- nology, but is also dedicating resources to identify and develop other biometric technology platforms. Software is of vital importance to the expansion of biometrics, both in respect to additional applications and to secure Internet communication via the biometrically equipped device, defined as cloud-based biometrics.
System customizations, such as implementation in a smartphone, take place in close collaboration with customers and other system providers.

Fingerprints safeguards its intellectual property rights by continuously registering new patents. The company monitor the market to evaluate new opportunities for capitalize on patents and identify and take actions to counter any infringe- ments of the company’s existing patents. The patent portfolio may also be strengthened through patents acquired from a third party.

Active industry collaborations
Fingerprints cooperates with other players in the ecosystem of fingerprint technology. The company is represented in the board of the collaboration alliance FIDO (Fast IDentity Online). Fingerprints also partners with Google and the Chinese company Alipay to customize its fingerprint technology and
its function in payment systems.

Production with business partners
Fingerprints place all production with external partners. The company applies dual sourcing, where all volume products are to be manufactured in two different plants. All manufacturing
is conducted according to forecasts based on information from customers. Read more about production and sourcing on page 34.

Market-oriented organization
Fingerprints’ organization consists of three Business lines, to safeguard the focus on markets for “Mobile” (smartphones and tablets), “Smart cards” and “PC and Embedded” (PCs and embedded systems as well as the automotive industry). These are supported by five cross-functional units: Research & Development, Production & Quality, Strategy & Business, Marketing & Communication, Development and Finance & Administration.

During 2017, Fingerprints will broaden its customer base by adding more OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers; companies that manufacture the final product) and module houses covering all price levels in the Smart phone segment. Marketing and sales will be intensified with a focus on smart cards, PCs and embedded systems for areas such as Automotive and Internet of Things.
Sales are conducted directly or via distributors to the pro- ducer chain. Geographically, market cultivation is under way in Europe, US and Asia; China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Japan, but also in such emerging markets as India and Indonesia.

Financing with own funds
The company uses its own profits for its ongoing financing needs. Major one-off investments, such as acquisitions, may be supplemented with primarily loans and secondarily new share issues.

Employees – foundation of the business
Fingerprints’ business requires an organization commanding a high level of skills in all of its specializations. New recruit- ment focuses on qualified engineers with cutting-edge skills, but with different levels of experience. A favorable demographic mix ensures Fingerprints’ future provision of skills and talents. The company strive for beeing an organization characterized
by continuous learning combined with diversity. Employees are encouraged to accept new challenges as they work and to take substantial personal responsibility for the company’s develop- ment. Fingerprints applies both employment an contracting of consultants. Consultants are retained for assignments that are limited in duration and/or in cases where consultants are the primary source for the skills the company is looking for.