Paul Kwong

Sales and customer projects, based in Taiwan
I started at FPC in July 2013 after being introduced to the company by a colleague. Fingerprint technology was a new field at the time, and customers were cautious. We felt like pioneers – there were only a few of us, and only Apple and FPC were working on the technology. Things have moved quickly and now our services are in high demand. We have many more customer relationships, and I’m the account manager for two to three customers. As a salesperson I feel extremely responsible for being able to help them, so it’s good to have strong relationships with your coworkers. We work hard, and we’re the link between our customers and FPC in Sweden.

I receive energy from my family as well as my colleagues. Sometimes it can be nice to leave it all behind for a while, and take the family camping in the mountains where there’s no mobile network coverage.


Bill Gallione

US Country Manager
I started at FPC two years ago, and I’ve built up the sales and support team here in San José, California. I’ve been in Silicon Valley for 19 years. Being with FPC is great – everyone wants to talk to us. The growth we’ve experienced is exceptional, and far more dramatic than I expected. That makes it easy to work hard, because time goes by quickly. We’re talking to major players such as Microsoft and Google, while interest from others continues to grow. We don’t just offer a product; we offer our customers the potential to differentiate themselves, combined with user-friendliness.
I am extremely passionate about my work and FPC. There’s so much more to do, practically 24 hours a day. In the morning I talk with Sweden, and during the day with all of my contacts here in the US, and in the evening with Asia.

I’m a big sports fan and I see positive similarities with my job – winning is contagious.


Irina Åström

Project Manager Product development, Malmö
FPC came to my attention just over three years ago, and I thought “I want to work there.” I emailed the company for six months, and finally landed my dream job. My role as a project manager in product development is a combination of technology development and leading people. We’re continuously developing both our processes and our products. It’s fast-paced and challenging, and you’re solving problems every day. The flat organization makes things easier, since we have an open and solutions-oriented working environment. My colleagues are helpful, and the attitude here is positive.

I take natural breaks from thinking about work thanks to my family. I also take short mental breaks by working out with my coworkers at lunchtime.


Cairong Chen

Product developer in packaging in Gothenburg
A lot of my job is about ensuring a product’s functionality before it reaches the market. During my two years at FPC, my job duties and responsibilities have continuously evolved. We constantly collaborate with the other product development teams. At FPC, we all depend on each other.It’s like a puzzle, and I feel that we really cooperate in order to produce results.Helpful colleagues with a positive attitude and enthusiasm create a unique FPC spirit.I have small children, and despite the workload I also feel that I can balance work and family. We get along well at work.

We enjoy coffee breaks, and on Fridays the team eats lunch together.