A systematic procedure for how to conduct a calculation or solve a problem in a given number of steps. In FPC’s specific case, the method refers to the comparison of two fingerprints with each other.

ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit)
An integrated circuit in the form of a silicon chip that is designed to conduct specific functions – in FPC’s case, the measurement of a fingerprint.

Control process for a particular entity; in conjunction with logging on, for example. The word is synonymous with verification.

Biometric system
A pattern recognition system that identifies or verifies a person by studying a physiological character of the person, in FPC’s case a fingerprint pattern.

A piece of silicon in which the integrated circuit is embedded, such as a sensor chip. Normally, a silicon wafer is cut into a number of chips, with each chip being essentially identical.

Design Win
Decision by a customer (OEM or ODM) to start developing one or several commercial products using FPC’s technology as a built-in part of this new product/these new products.

Fabless refers to the business method used for outsourcing the manufacture of chips, which is used by semiconductor companies. Fabless companies focus on development and marketing/sales of their products.

Comparison of compiled biometric data with all stored templates for the purpose of identifying one of these templates (and thus an individual) from a multitude.

The process of comparing an image of a fingerprint with a pre-processed template, and assessing whether or not they are similar.

Original Design Manufacturer, a company that develops and manufactures products sold under the trademarks of other companies.

Original Equipment Manufacturers – companies that manufacture the end product that is sold in the open market.

Touch sensors
A sensor that scans the fingerprint directly when the finger top touches the sensor surface; compare with swipe sensor.

An arrangement of unique data that represents a certain fingerprint.

The comparison of compiled biometric data with a given template for the purpose of verifying the matching of the two. This enables the authentication of an individual to be made with a high degree of certainty.

A thin circular slice of silicon containing a number of integrated circuits, such as sensor chips.

Vertical markets
The term used by FPC for other sectors and industrial segments in which the company’s technology can be applied.

The market awareness gained by FPC through contact with customers and which provides information that forms the foundation for assess- ments of future demand.

A combined mobile phone and handheld computer which, via mobile broadband, is linked to the Internet. A smartphone has a complete mobile operating system that is transferable between various devices and that enables the user to easily install mobile apps, which are small third-party programs that expand the phone’s functionality.

A thin handheld touch-screen computer of the multi-touch type, which is controlled with the aid of finger tops and is intended to be held in a hand.

A pocketsize card with embedded circuits that can process information, and receive input data that is processed and delivered as output data.

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is a term used for devices that are linked to the Internet and can thus communicate with/be controlled via the Internet.