A continuously growing organization

FPC’s products, features and quality are of major significance. The company’s success is due primarily to its employees’ expertise, capability, dedication to teamwork, values and conduct.

What FPC can offer

The challenge of finding and attracting people with the right skills will only grow in the future, and FPC is taking a long-term approach, cultivating its employee brand and searching for people with the right skills all over the world.

  • A flat management structure means a short path to decision makers, allowing for rapid and innovative decisions.
  • Taking advantage of a variety of experience from other firms and fields allows man- agement to choose the best approach for future work. Many employees have joined FPC in recent years, and they have much to contribute to the company’s development.
  • Hiring people from different cultural back- grounds and with a variety of experiences adds new perspectives, thus improving the quality of the company’s work and products.
  • FPC must be a safe and secure workplace, where trying new approaches must be allowed and accepted.

A value-driven organization

In order to maintain and strengthen its already strong corporate culture, which is characterized by a flat decision-making hierarchy and strong innovativeness, the company has adopted four core values:

  • Smart
  • Brave
  • Open
  • United

The core values have been formulated with the help of employees in a workshop format. The values must guide corporate decisions and permeate the entire business. They are included in training programs and in the introductory program for new employees.

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… with policies and a clear Code of Conduct

During 2015 and 2016, FPC has updated policies for health and safety, equal opportunities and equal treatment and a staff handbook. Above all, the new Code of Conduct is also important for internal dialogue on the working environment, as it raises key questions such as anti-discrimination and equal terms.

Continuing to add resources to the organization

FPC continued to strengthen its workforce during 2015 in the form of both employment and insourcing of consultants during various periods. At year-end, the company had 150 (104) employees. At the end of 2015, the company also had 104 consultants (71). The consultants are distributed throughout the organisation. On December 31,, the company had a total 254 (175) employees. Strengthening of human resources is planned in 2016, with an increase of up to 40%, to around 400 employees by the end of 2016.

Significantly strengthened R&D

The largest increase in headcount is in R&D, in order to stay at the cutting edge of fingerprint biometrics while managing multiple develop- ment projects and product launches.
The number of employees active in R&D increased during the year, amounting to 140 (100) at year-end. The company currently con- ducts development in four locations – Gothen- burg, Linköping, Malmö and Copenhagen. Anacatum Design AB, a Linköping-based company specialized in technology licensing and ASIC development, was acquired in 2014. In 2015, this process was completed through the integration of Anacatum personnel into Fingerprint Cards AB.

More employees closer to customers

FPC’s success also depends on being close to its customers, linguistically and culturally. The number of employees working on customer projects and customizing biometric systems to end customers’ specifications was thus increased in Asia and the US in 2015.
FPC has established subsidiaries in Shang- hai China, Seoul South Korea, Taipei Taiwan and Palo Alto California in the US. In addition to focusing on customer projects, the local companies also have sales and marketing departments.


FPC’s organization is highly specialized

The company has specialists in biometrics, electronics, materials science, programming, production technology, marketing and sales. The educational level is high, with a high percentage of engineers. More than 30% of the employees active in development hold PhDs in engineering. In addition to technical knowledge, the company’s employees have considerable experience from such industries as telecom.

Geographic distribution

FPC’s organisation has a great international reach, with employees in Sweden, Denmark, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Taiwan and the US.

Introductory program

All new employees undergo an introductory program, comprising both joint training and special training depending on the employee’s function. This introduction has been greatly appreciated by employees and enables a faster phase-in, as well as building up a knowledge network among the employees, thus allowing them to participate fully in each function and promoting cooperation.

Skills development is naturally connected to product development

Every employee works with his or her manager to evaluate the past year and develop a skills development plan for the year to come. The development of skills, for individuals and customer project teams, is intimately connected with product development. Through many years of R&D work, FPC and its employees have acquired specialised knowledge in the company’s defined core areas – biometrics, electronics and production processes. This high level of specialist expertise creates a natural environment for a learning organisation, i.e. an organisation that continuously learns from its experiences in order to better solve problems. The company also takes advantage of and develops expertise by forming focus groups for new segments/products.
In addition, the company develops the skills of its workforce through participation in international conferences and meetings, as well as supplementary external training programs.

In 2016, 10 managers are participating in a leadership program to assist them in becoming confident leaders with the right leadership tools.

Staff welfare

FPC offers its employees in Sweden a generous fitness contribution in order to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. The company also provides health insurance to all employees in Sweden, which includes counselling to identify problems early and avoid sick leave. Work environment efforts were formalised and developed during the year.

In 2016, FPC will also develop an employee survey, and plan to make the first survey in the fall of 2016. All employees already have annual performance reviews with the follow-up of individual objectives and planning goals for the year.

FPC’s Speak Up process (so-called whistleblowing) also enables the employees to report any irregularities.