An entrepreneurial and innovative company creating the biometric future

Fingerprints is an entrepreneurial company that is aware that diversity is a competitive edge for understanding our customers. As Sweden’s most innovative company* the birth of new, creative ideas, with a consistent focus on end-user experiences, happens every day.


Fingerprints’ coworkers share a genuine interest in technology and are driven by taking the creation of our future biometric society in a positive direction. Our professionals possess specialist competence in biometrics, electronics, materials technology, coding, production technology, marketing and sales. Many are graduate engineers, and some 25% of these hold Ph.D.s in technology
development. Because so many of our professionals have rigorous sector experience from telecom, banking, payments and charge cards, we understand our customer needs in a way that creates fruitful collaborations worldwide. Fingerprints’ success also depends on linguistic and cultural closeness to our customers, which is why we give our people great opportunities for international exchange between operations, depending on project—from Silicon Valley to Shanghai.

To maintain and improve our high-level of technology competence, we continued to invest in teams that produce new biometric solutions and develop new technologies in close partnership with our customers in 2017. Our goal has been to develop more solutions that can be applied to our offering across more sectors and with broader geographical coverage. Our acquisition of Delta
ID plays a significant role in achieving this target. Pontus Jägemalm, formerly our VP of Research & Development, was appointed as our CTO in Spring 2017. The focus in the year was to adapt Fingerprints’ technology solutions for new application segments and to extend our basic technology. Consequently, we reallocated a significant share of resources to new biometrics segments in
the year, as against our previous positioning, when most of our development resources were assigned to capacitive fingerprint sensors for smartphones.


In order to succeed in a fast-moving market, we need to constantly ensure that we possess the competence our customers demand, and accordingly, we work continuously on developing our professionals. Whether people join us straight after graduation or already possess many years of professional experience, it is important that we offer then stimulating and challenging
development projects that are close to customers. There are no ready answers at Fingerprints, but rather, we believe in our coworkers learning from their experiences and each other. This is when we believe the innovation process becomes most organization doesn’t come cheap. Accordingly, our core values are central, and are deeply rooted right through our organization. Our values permeate our whole business and are critical in search and selection, internal training programs and when introducing new coworkers, as well as for goal setting and appraisal interviews.

We work tirelessly to achieve compliance with our core values during the working day, and are convinced that this not only improves customer relationships and more effective decision-making, but greater job satisfaction, commitment and long-term motivation.


Fingerprints held its first kickoff event ever for all coworkers at the beginning of 2017,which was a significant milestone in the company’s history. Much of the agenda centered on discussions of our four core values, and many of the activities were about how Fingerprints will become a world-leading biometric company by being smart, brave, open and united.


Fingerprints maintains fruitful and close partnerships with relevant faculties at universities and institutes of further education in Denmark and Sweden to enhance its prospects of identifying young, talented candidates for our business. Apart from these partnerships, we also participate at job fairs, traditional advertising channels and work with recruitment agencies for special assignments. We also use referral programs in China.


We focused on getting working methods and structures in place in the year, so we can be the sustainable employer we are endeavoring to become. This, not least, considering that we have the had the pleasure of welcoming new members to our family through the acquisition of Delta ID. To bring all our businesses worldwide together, we launched an app called Fingerprint News in the year where we publish news affecting all coworkers in our organization. As part of bringing our management team members more into the spotlight and exchanging best practice between operations, we have also evolved our monthly all employee meetings using our videoconferencing system, so that they now not only keep us all updated on what’s happening in the company, but also enable dialogue between staff and management.

Last year, we also worked intensively towards our goal of getting a new digitalized HR system in place in 2018 to streamline, enhance quality, and not least, devote more man-hours to our core business. This is another major step towards facilitating our managers’ duties, in turn enabling them to create better conditions for our coworkers. Fingerprint also started a partnership with
Wes (Women’s Executive Search), Sweden’s fastest-growing management recruitment agency, in 2017. This collaboration is founded on us sharing the same values, and seeing the value of an equal opportunities and fair search & selection process, with the potential to access the market’s best female candidates. Our aim, in time, is to achieve more multi-faceted leadership and sharpen
our competitiveness in the sector. We also conducted a two-day strategy workshop at the end of 2017 for all managers to improve their understanding of our business, its goals and direction.

Read more in our 2017 annual report, e.g. coworker interviews.

* Source: Noréns patent law firm