Annual General Meeting 2013

The Annual General Meeting of Fingerprint Cards AB (publ) held on June 18, 2013 adopted the financial statements submitted for 2012.



The Annual General Meeting resolved that no dividend be paid.


Discharge from liability

The Meeting discharged the members of the Board and the President from personal liability for the 2012 fiscal year.


Election of Board members and Chairman of the Board

Tord Wingren was elected as new member of the Board. The existing Board members Christer Bergman, Urban Fagerstedt and Mats Svensson was reelected. Mats Svensson was reelected Chairman of the Board. Board members are presented on the company’s website

Of the Board members, Urban Fagerstedt and Mats Svensson are not independent in relation to the company’s owners.


Board fees

The Meeting resolved to pay fees to the Board of Directors in the following amounts: SEK 200,000 for the Chairman of the Board and SEK 120,000 for each of the other Board members who are not employees of the company. It was resolved that no additional fees be paid for committee work. Fees to auditors will be paid according to agreement following approved invoices.

Guidelines for remuneration of senior executives and guidelines for appointing the Nomination



The Meeting resolved to adopt the Board’s motion regarding guidelines for remuneration of senior executives and the Nomination Committee’s proposal regarding the appointment of the Nomination Committee.