Remuneration Committee
The Remuneration Committee evaluates and prepares matters regarding remuneration and employment terms for executive management, and draws up guidelines for the remuneration of the President and senior executives for approval by the AGM. The Remuneration Committee ensures that remuneration matches the prevailing market terms for comparable positions in other companies and that the company’s pay offering is thus competitive. The Board sets the President’s remuneration. Remuneration of other senior executives is decided by the President following consultation with the Remuneration Committee. At FPC, the entire Board handles the Remuneration Committee’s tasks.

The Remuneration Committee has following members: Johan Carlström (Chair), Ted Elvhage and Juan Vallejo.

Audit Committee
The task of the Audit Committee is to support the work of the Board in ensuring high-quality internal control, financial reporting and external auditing. Among other responsibilities, this involves examining interim and year-end reports ahead of publication and dealing with all critical accounting issues and assessments. The Board meets the external auditor on at least two occasions. At FPC, the entire Board handles the Audit Committee’s tasks.

The Audit Committee has following members: Alexander Kotsinas (Chair), Johan Carlström and Dimitrij Titov.