Remuneration guidelines

The AGM 2016 resolved that the Remuneration Committee, which is appointed from among Board members, is to prepare guidelines in respect of pay and other employment terms for the President and senior executives and present the Board with proposals in respect of these issues. The Board is to determine the salary and other remuneration payable to the President. The President is to determine the salary and other remuneration payable to other senior executives in accordance with the Board’s guiding principles. The term “other senior executives” refers to the individuals who, in addition to the President, constitute Group Management. The basic remuneration levels are to be market-aligned. Remuneration comprises a fixed basic salary, variable remuneration calculated according to predetermined targets, other benefits, pension and financial instruments in the form of warrants. The distribution between fixed salary and variable remuneration is to be proportionate to the executive’s responsibilities and authorities. The variable remuneration payable to the President and other senior executives may not exceed 100% of their fixed annual salary. Pensions are to be based on defined-contribution pension schemes. When served by the Company, the period of notice is not to exceed six months. During the period of notice of no longer than six months, full salary and employment benefits are payable. If employment is terminated by the Company, severance pay is payable in an amount corresponding to no more than 12 monthly salaries. Resolutions regarding share and share-price-based incentive programs are to be made by the AGM. The Board of Directors is to be entitled to disapply the guiding principles if, in an individual case, there are special reasons for doing so.

Board fees

The AGM resolved to pay the Board of Directors fees totaling SEK 4,050,000, of which SEK 850,000 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 400,000 to each other Board member.

Fees for work on committees will be payable in an amount of SEK 460,000, to be distributed as follows:

Audit Committee: SEK 150,000 to the Chairman and SEK 75,000 to each other member.

Remuneration Committee: SEK 80,000 to the Chairman and SEK 40,000 to each other member.

If tax-related prerequisites for invoicing exist, and on condition that it is cost-neutral for the Company, the invoicing of director fees from the member’s own company will be permissible. If a Board member invoices his/her director fee via a company, the fee will be increased by an amount corresponding to social security contributions and statutory VAT.