The Share

FPC’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2000 and on the Large cap list since 2016.

FPC was initially floated on the “New Markets” list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1998. The ISIN code of the Class B share is SE0008374250. The company is traded under the ticker FING B.

Share capital in FPC at December 30, 2017 amounted to SEK 12,975,667 distributed among 6,000,000 Class A shares and 307,967,675 Class B shares, each with a quota value of SEK 0.04. Class A shares carry ten voting rights each, while Class B shares carry one vote. All shares provide equal entitlement to participation in the company and are freely transferable. Class A shares represent 16.3% of the votes and 1.9% of the capital in FPC.