Why Fingerprints is attractive to investors

Fingerprints has experienced rapid growth since it was founded, and it has seen strong revenue growth while maintaining profitability. The prospects are considered good for the company’s continued growth.


Fingerprints has a strong position in a volume market with an increasing share of smartphones equipped with fingerprint sensors. These sensors can be used in a number of other market segments, such as PCs, smart cards, automotive industry and other online devices. In addition, the use of biometrics is increasing on a broad scale in society and other modalities.


Fingerprints is the market-leading in biometrics. The company’s innovative capacity is considerable and it has an extensive product portfolio with strong patent protection.


Fingerprints’ business model can be applied to additional market segments. The company has proven its scalability by demonstrating profitable growth and has established relationships with two of the globally leading semiconductor manufacturers. Production capacity is flexible, with access to more production units.