Investment case

Why FPC is attractive to investors

FPC continues to have business potential based on multiple strong dimensions.

A strong position in the growing smartphone/tablet market

  • Large market share in a growing market
  • Increasing market penetration – in more smartphones/tablets
  • Close customer relationships – top of mind awareness among customers

Market potential in more markets

  • Market potential in other market segments – smartcards, automotive industry, Internet of Things, etc.

The offering

  • A broad product portfolio with extremely advanced systems
  • Strong patent portfolio with global protection

Advanced technology

  • FPC offers proprietary biometric systems with sophisticated hardware, algorithms and software that provide a unique advantage for users when combined
  • Profits are reinvested into more product development


Owns the strongest links in the processing chain

  • Scalable business model
  • Increased R&D with advanced expertise
  • High level of refinement – system solutions with software solutions that provide functionality and opportunities for differentiation
  • Strong delivery capacity


  • Strong finances with no borrowing
  • Low and variable production costs/fabless
  • High rate of growth combined with profitability