Q&A regarding AGM 2017

Published April 21 2017

AGM 2017 – CEO presentation, Christian Fredrikson


Published March 15 2017

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Q: How to submit proposals for Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

A: First, you need to distinguish between Matters and Proposals. If a Matter is to be dealt with at the AGM, it need to be included in the notice. A Proposal related to a Matter already included in the notice can normally be made as late as at the AGM –  exceptions apply to certain matters, such as new issues of shares etc., where the full proposal must be made public no later than three weeks prior to the AGM. The notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be sent out in the end of March. As a main principle, written matters and proposals shall be handed in seven weeks prior to AGM to be included in the notice. Proposals that are being received later than this, will only be dealt with at the AGM if the company has had time to prepare them and the shareholder is present at the AGM to present them. There is nothing stopping a shareholder from presenting proposals during the AGM but if it is a new matter not included in the notice, or a proposal of a certain type that require a full presentation three weeks ahead of the AGM,  it will not be dealt with at the meeting.

Q: Is it possible to submit a written proposal, and how does it work then?

A: Yes, as stated above. It is OK to submit proposals via e-mail as long as we know who the sender is. If you include your phone number, we can call and confirm that it is you who submitted the proposal. Please send your proposal to: [email protected]

Q: How are the Boards members elected?

A: The nomination committee proposes new board members.

Q: Can I propose a new Board Member?

A: Proposal for new board members can be made as late as at the Annual General Meeting as stated above.

Q: How is the nomination Committee elected?

A: The largest shareholders elects the Nomination Committee in accordance with the nomination committee instruction the 2016 AGM resolved upon.

Q: When is the deadline to register shares so that they become eligible to vote before the AGM?

A: The record date is five days (Saturday counts as a working day) before the Meeting, i.e. April 12th, 2017. On that day you need to be registered as the owner (not trustee registered). Please talk to your trustee in good time before this date.

Q: If shareholders want to raise questions at the AGM, must these issues have been shared to the board in advance?

A: No, you can ask your questions at the meeting. Do you want CEO / Board to have the opportunity to be prepared, you can submit questions in advance, but you still have to ask them at the meeting.

Q: Is it possible to ask spoken questions during the meeting?

A: Yes

Q: To whom can I send questions about the meeting?

A: [email protected]

Q: If the meeting decides on share repurchases, when can they begin?

A: If the meeting decides to repurchase shares, these can theoretically begin to be implemented the day after the meeting.

Q: If the meeting decides on dividends, when can they begin?

A: If the meeting decides about dividends, the record date can theoretically earliest take place 24 April and the dividend can earliest be distributed 27 April.

Q: When will the annual report be published?

A: According to the law framework, the annual report must be published no later than three weeks prior the AGM. We aim for it to be published on our website three weeks before the AGM, 31 March.

Q: How shall I sign up for attendance of the AGM?

A: Information on how to sign up will be included in the notice of AGM.

Q: When will the notice be sent out?

A: The notice of the AGM will be sent out in the end of March.