Five quick questions to Christian Fredrikson CEO of Fingerprints

Five quick questions to Christian Fredrikson CEO of Fingerprints. Currently on a business trip in China


Hi Christian, what are you doing in China?

I visit customers and partners and take the pulse on the market. I do this several times every quarter. It’s inspiring to see how much is happening here and in our sector, it is important to stay close to customers and partners all the time.


What is the latest news when it comes to the excess inventories in the value chain that has affected you so much?

It’s not just us, it has affected most of the semiconductor sector. As we have said earlier, we expect inventories in the value chain to be normalized by the end of this quarter.


There seems to be fewer launches of phones equipped with your sensors so far this year. Are you losing market share?

We are receiving quite a few questions about launches right now. We generally try to communicate all launches we are allowed to talk about *. They can therefore provide a good overview of our customer base, but they are not a good measure of market share because customers’ strategy regarding launch timing and how many variants to launch will vary. For example, it may be that they just rename a model for a particular operator or for a specific country. Should that count as a launch or not? Several of our customers have launched significantly fewer variants this year and then the statistics may look a little strange.


How do you think market shares should be measured?

In the end, it’s not the number of models that matters but the volume, so we focus on the number of sensor equipped phones and our OEM customers. We are still market leaders and still estimate that our market share is around 50 percent.


A final typical sports question; how does it feel?

As I said in connection with this year’s first quarterly report, we have closed several important deals recently, and it feels good to know that we are competitive. At the same time, it is also extremely stimulating to engage in the business development currently underway in new segments, such as smartcards, and with new technologies such as iris recognition through Delta ID.


Then I obviously wonder what the situation is regarding the acquisition of Delta ID?

As we have said previously, we expect to close the acquisition process during this quarter and I am looking forward to that. At the same time, work is being done around the integration of the business and it currently engage many of us.


* Fingerprints do not always get permission from customers to disclose their inclusion in their products.

Published: June 2 2017